happy Buctober, everybody



What. A. Game. #WildCard


What. A. Game. #WildCard

Hey Steelers folks. Wanna see a scary stat??

Ben Roethlisberger is 11th all time in times sacked. If he plays 5 more years, at the pace he’s at he’ll pass Favre.

Our own Pedro Alvarez led the entire MLB with an astounding 25 errors in just 99 games.

Saw this and immediately got pissed off on behalf of whoretuzzo

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if you don’t admit that there’s a team you love to watch fail then you’re lying.


RAISE IT! The Pirates are heading back to BUCTOBER!

Why I like Patric Hornqvist, and why you should too.


mccutchen is literally better than you and your favs


another season of hockey, another season to aggressively hate the philadelphia flyers 

I can’t believe I ever hated you.

I can’t believe I ever hated you.

I don’t care how magical last season was. Whether we end up in the playoffs this season, or not, let me remind you that this season had its magic, with some of my favourite moments of the 2014 Pittsburgh Pirates season.

  • Neil Walker’s Opening Day walkoff home run
  • Tony Sanchez hitting a walkoff single in the bottom of the 16th inning
  • Then there wasimage Josh being Josh
  • Gerrit Cole’s first HR
  • Josh starting a triple play
  • Andrew being 7 feet short of hitting for the cycle
  • The Buccos winning two from three at Miller Park
  • Andrew’s inside-the-park-home-run
  • Pedro’s 100th career homer
  • Russell’s 1,000th career hit (an RBI double)
  • Josh’s rundowns
  • Andrew starting in the ASG, Josh and Tony making it as backups
  • Gregory’s 11 game hit streak to start his career
  • Joshua Isaiah Harrison

To name a few