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Josh Harrison with his first hit of the season


Let us never forget about round 9 of the 1994 NHL Entry Draft

Let us never forget about round 9 of the 1994 NHL Entry Draft


I think that everybody has that one hockey player who, immediately after they step onto the ice, you just break out into this huge grin and you feel like dancing and you probably look like an idiot but you don’t even care because hockey


Dee Gordon leads off with the prettiest bunt, that you ever did see.


Dee Gordon leads off with the prettiest bunt, that you ever did see.


no matter who you’re cheering for just remember, the one thing that we can all share in during the playoffs is the anticipation of booing Gary Bettman as he presents the Stanley Cup

Matt Cooke


1998 All Stars World Team

Did you know..

The Penguins have retired two numbers

66-Mario Lemieux

21-Michel Briere



Goalies who don’t stay in their crease and decide to go on wild adventures scare me. Like my Jeebus, what are you trying to find, Narnia????

The name “Patrick Roy" comes immediately to mind

Happy 40th Gonch!!

Happy 40th Gonch!!

First Step

Tuesday, July 27, 2010, was a banner day in Penguins history. While team staff members and construction workers looked on, Pens owner Mario Lemieux and the club’s reigning superstar, Sidney Crosby, christened the new arena by taking the very first skate on the virgin Consol Energy Center ice.

Mario and Sid planned to step onto the ice simultaneously from separate doors on the Penguins’ bench. However, with a twinkle in his eye, Lemieux delayed his first step so that Crosby’s skate would touch the ice first. It was his way of saying, “This is your building, Sid. Go out and make some new memories.”

"It felt great to be able to skate for the first time with Sid," Lemieux said. "I think it was pretty special for all of us. It was a long time coming. We worked hard to get this accomplished. I’m glad we were able to do this today."

"That was pretty special," Crosby added. "There are going to be a ton of things that will happen here, so to go out there and be the first ones on the ice, that was pretty special. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to skate with Mario."

After the iconic duo enjoyed a leisurely skate, Lemieux once more displayed his generous spirit by inviting a group of youth hockey players to join them for an impromptu practice session. For the youngsters, sharing the ice with their heroes was the thrill of a lifetime.

via-Total Penguins: The Definitive Encyclopedia of the Pittsburgh Penguins

the sum of my fan art

Hockey Gods

"What should we afflict the Penguins with?"

  1. blood
  2. frogs
  3. lice
  4. wild animals
  5. plague
  6. boils
  7. hail
  8. locusts
  9. darkness
  10. death of firstborns
  11. incessant ridiculous injuries and maladies to any and all who wear the black and gold